Elementary Band Final Livestream Performance of 2020/21!

Enjoy our final performances from our secondary musicians from the comfort of your own home! Programme, livestream link and admission donations below. Concert begins at 4:15 pm on June 17th.

Elementary Band Spring Livestream Performance

Enjoy our spring performances from the comfort of your own home! Programme, livestream link and admission donations below. Show starts at 4:15 pm. Any donations go directly to supporting students’ musical endeavours – your support is greatly appreciated! Click on the image below to go straight to the livestream.

Winter Performances – Timeslots, Uniform Reminders

Our Winter Performance Series will be next week on December 17th. This will be the culmination of many weeks’ worth of hard work, perseverance and dedication. The students now have the opportunity to show off all they have learned and be celebrated for their musical accomplishments this term!

This will not be a traditional “concert” per se – students will come in through the Band Room exterior door, one class at a time, perform during their timeslot, have it recorded, then leave through the front entrance. This will ensure no two classes will interact so that the “concert” is just as safe as our classes we do every day. I will send out a final polished “Concert” recording a few days after the performance.

The performance timeslots are as follows. Students should arrive to PMSS a few minutes prior to the start of their timeslot and enter the Band Room exterior door (at the back of PMSS). There, they should set up their instruments and warm-up. Then they will come to the MPR to perform. After their performance, they will pack up and leave through the front entrance.

3:45-4:00 pmBeginner Elementary Band A (PME)
4:00-4:15 pmBeginner Elementary Band B (DJE, EME, HPE, Hammond)
4:15-4:30 pmAdvanced Elementary Band
4:30-4:45 pmBeginner Concert Band 8 (block C)
4:45-5:00 pmBeginner Concert Band 8 (block D)
5:00-5:15 pmJazz Band
5:15-5:30 pmVocal Jazz Ensemble (Choir)
5:30-5:45 pmSymphonic Concert Band  arrive at 5:15 SCB students should plan to help tear down until 6:00 pm after they perform.

Concert Uniform: now is a great time to ensure that you have all the aspects of your child’s uniform for their performance. Please don’t wait until it is too late if you are unable to afford new clothes – the music department has funds available to help you! Students not in uniform may be prohibited from performing.

Elementary Bands:

  • Black PMSS Music T-shirts (distributed later this week or early next week)
  • Black DRESS pants (jeans or sweat pants are not suitable)
  • Black DRESS socks
  • Black DRESS shoes (runners, converse, etc are not acceptable)

Secondary Musicians:

  • Black DRESS shirt (minimum ¾ length sleeves)
  • Black DRESS pants
  • Black DRESS shoes/socks
  • Or something dressy that accomplishes the above objectives

As stated in our course outlines and music handbooks, performances also function as term exams – participation is essential. As well, we are a team, and EVERY player is needed for the performance.

PMSS Fall Concert 2020

Our Fall Concert is NEXT WEEK. The concert begins at 5:30 pm and will be live-streamed. Please read below for call times for the students.

We cannot allow parents into the school to watch the concert, however, as per usual we will be accepting “Admission” Donations toward the Music Program and non-perishable food items for the food bank. If you would like to contribute, please send your (optional) donation with your music student at some point in the next few days leading up to the concert.


Who: Symphonic Concert Band (SCB), Secondary Concert Choir (SCC), Secondary Jazz Band (SJB), any student-led groups and solos/duets that wish to perform. (if you would like to add a song to the program, please email Mr Renaud ASAP!)

Where: Students will perform in the MPR; friends/family can watch the livestream at home via the link (was sent home via email).


Concert Set-Up:  1:00-3:00 pm – students may ask permission from their afternoon class teachers to come and help with concert set-up. Students unable to come at 1:00 are expected to come set-up as soon as they are dismissed at 2:25

Call time: ALL performers should meet in the band and choir rooms at 3:30 pm to warm-up.

Remembrance Ceremony Recording Session: 3:35-5:15 pm. We will record Canon of Peace (SCB), O Canada and For the Fallen (SCC). This is our contribution to PMSS’s Remembrance Day ceremony.

Concert start time: 5:30 pm

Per our handbook, all students are expected to stay for the duration of the concert. Each group deserves a big and enthusiastic audience to perform for and part of being a musician is supporting the musicians around you by being in their audience.


Students are expected to arrive at call time in Uniform: black collared dress shirt, black dress pants, black dress shoes, black dress socks, or something dressy that accomplishes the goal (3/4 length sleeves, floor-length pants/skirts/tights/etc). If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email or talk to Mr Renaud. The goal here is the show that as an ensemble we are unified, just as a sports team all wear the same uniform for a game. No t-shirts, jeans, sweat pants, or running shoes, please!

**If your family is having financial difficulty and simply can’t afford a new pair of shoes or pants, please let us help.  Don’t wait until the night of the concert and please don’t just send your student in the wrong clothes.  The PMSS Music Dept has funds available to help out families in need.**


As we have an early Call Time, we will be providing students with a Subway-catered dinner (all sandwiches individually wrapped). We will need one parent volunteer to pick up the sandwiches on November 5th and one parent to go to Costco ahead of time to purchase water bottles and a box of the little bags of chips. If you can help out, please let Mr Renaud know! I will be asking students in class this week for their sandwich preference. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Mr. Renaud.