Jazz Band 8-12

Jazz Band 8-12 is for students in grade 8-12 who have 1+ years of experience playing in Elementary or Secondary band. This band takes place Monday morning at 7:30-8:25 and Wednesday afternoon 2:35-4:05. It is a credit course – students will receive credit toward graduation and a grade. Students will be empowered to develop their music reading skills, their ability to play on their instruments and their capacities to work as team members and musical leaders. As this course is primarily a course based around playing a LOT of fun music that improves students’ ability to play a diversity of styles (jazz, rock, latin, funk, blues, pop) students must also be enrolled in Symphonic Band as that course will give students more of the theoretical knowledge that will help them in Jazz Band. Students also have the option to play a secondary instrument in jazz band than the one they play in concert band. Options include: piano, bass, electric guitar, trombone, trumpet, alto sax, tenor sax and baritone sax.

The BC CDC has reviewed current scientific research related to making music and has deemed playing in band to be a SAFE activity, with safety protocols in place (like we have for all academic classes in our schools). Students will be provided with extra space (we will do class in the Multipurpose Room–theatre/cafeteria). Students will not share instruments. And students will sanitize their hands upon entry and exit. You can review the CDC guidelines for music here (scroll down to “Activities”): http://www.bccdc.ca/health-info/diseases-conditions/covid-19/childcare-schools/schools

Some examples of Jazz Bands from around BC:

The benefits to continuing your musical journey are substantial: band develops teamwork, provides you with a safe community, lets you hang out with cool people and make friends with people who enjoy what you enjoy, and gives you the opportunity to have many memorable experiences throughout high school.

In a typical year, in addition to weekly rehearsals, students would perform in four concerts, go to professional music concerts, take part in an overnight retreat and a yearly music trip (past destinations include Disneyland, Edmonton and Whistler). This year students will be given the opportunity to do workshops with guest artists and professional musicians at PMSS as well as take part in day trips in accordance with COVID-19 Safety Protocols. Please see the Calendar of Events (available in October) for upcoming dates and contact Mr. Renaud with any questions and concerns at nicholas_renaud@sd42.ca or 604-465-7141 ext 58263.

Below is the PMSS Music Groups schedule.

Quarter 1 (September 14-November 18, 2020)

Quarter 2 (November 19, 2020-February 3, 2021)

Quarter 3 (February 3-April 22, 2021)

Quarter 4 (April 23-June 25, 2021)