Elem Band Collab Afternoon – Friday Feb 28!

Here are the final details for our upcoming trip to Maple Ridge Secondary for the SD42 Elementary Band Collaboration Afternoon! This is an exciting event–the first of its kind in over 30 years in our district!–and it will bring together close to 100 elementary band students in grades 5-7 from MRSS, GSS and PMSS. Students will collaborate with like-minded students in similar learning situations from across the district, building friendships, empathy, and teamwork skills in the process. Students will work with professional musicians to learn more about their instrument and musical techniques. They will also get the chance to learn from a different teacher (Brian Weingartner of MRSS and Duane Kirkpatrick of GSS) giving them the opportunity to develop new approaches to reading and playing music, learn from different perspectives than they get from me, and learn how to interpret the gestural language of different conductors – this develops students’ focus and attentiveness as well as their ability to express themselves through music. 

COMMITMENT EXPECTATIONS: You may remember that we sent out the information about this event as an addition to the calendar in our January Newsletter. Parents and students were informed then that, as we need our whole “team” present for this important performance event, there was a one-week window to inform me if your child had a pre-existing commitment. If you did not inform me within that week window, your child is considered “committed” to this event. Here is a copy of that email that was sent out on January 5th: https://tinyurl.com/wt6lqj9

Please let me know if you have any questions and I would be happy to help. I am very much looking forward to this event and I hope you can see how positive and worthwhile of an experience it will be for your band student!


WHO: ALL Elementary Band Students (you do not need to fill out a field trip form as this was done in September). As this is an event on the calendar, it is extremely important and expected that ALL students attend.

Friday February 28th, 12:30 pm – 5:30 pm
All students are required to meet in the PMSS Band Room no later than 12:30 pm. 

PMSS (meeting location for all students)
                Maple Ridge Secondary School (21911 122 Ave, Maple Ridge)

Students will travel via school bus from PMSS to MRSS. Parents are to pick up their child at MRSS at 5:30 pm.

WHAT TO BRINGYour instrument, a pencil, your folder, your Standard of Excellence book and a snack (WRITE YOUR NAME ON EVERYTHING PLEASE). 
Please let me know if your child has any medical issues that we should be aware of.

12:30 pm     Meet at PMSS Band Room
12:45 pm     Bus Load 1 Departs PMSS for MRSS  (arrival at 12:55 pm)
1:15 pm       Bus Load 2 Departs PMSS for MRSS (arrival 1:25 pm)
1:30 pm       Massed Band rehearsal in MRSS Small Gym
3:15 pm       Clinics with professional instrument specialists brought in from across the Lower Mainland!
4:15 pm       Break (snack)
4:30 pm       Warm-Up
5:00 pm       Massed Band Performance in MRSS Gym (parents welcome to attend!)
5:30 pm       Parent pick-up from MRSS

Students are reminded that they are representing PMSS and the community of Pitt Meadows on this field trip. Students are expected to be on their very best behaviour at all times on the bus and at MRSS. There will be elementary band students from across Maple Ridge and Pitt Meadows and our goal is to be the MOST respectful and professional group. Please also be sure to thank your bus driver, chaperones, conductors and clinicians!

We will be taking one bus in two trips to MRSS. Students will be divided as follows:

Bus Load 1: ALL AEB students, BEB students from DJE, EME, HPE
Bus Load 2: BEB students from PME only

We are in need of 2-3 parent chaperones to assist with this field trip. If you are able to attend please let me know. Your job would include taking attendance on the bus, circulating the hallways at MRSS to help any lost elementary band students, and taking lots of photos! Please email Mr. Renaud if you are able to help.

his event will culminate in an exciting Massed Band performance featuring all elementary band students from MRSS, GSS and PMSS. Students will play pieces they learned throughout the afternoon and parents are encouraged to attend. It will be at 5:00 pm in the MRSS Gymnasium. We hope to see you all there!

QUESTIONS? If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please contact Mr. Renaud. 
Email: nicholas_renaud@sd42.ca
Phone: 604-465-7141 (ext. 58263)

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